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  Violence Not Good Enough For Kofi Annon, Wants Global Speech Repression Also
Here's another example of how disastrous a Secretary-General Kofi Annan is. First, the call for global censorship.
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan scolded the media for continuing to publish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammed and defended an attempt by Islamic nations to have a new UN human-rights council address religious defamation...

It also notes that "defamation of religions and prophets is inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression" and emphasized that states, organizations and the media have a "responsibility in promoting tolerance and respect for religious and cultural values."

After voting to eviscerate property rights and rewriting the Takings Clause, Justices Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer would eagerly sign up for this rewriting of the First Amendment given their fealty to international law.

Back to Annan, you'd think his support for a global censorship program would be bad enough, but he's so evil he can't stop there. He follows with a tacit endorsement of violence.

He again condemned violence as unacceptable and said: "They should not attack innocent civilians. They should not attack those who are not responsible for the publication of the cartoons."
It's apparently OK to attack those who are responsible for the publication of the cartoons? The UN is so corrupt because of Annan's "leadership," but his disastrous tenure is also marked by rank appeasement of Islamic fascists. He is an evil man whose departure from the global stage at the end of this year will be a blessing. I just hope he's out of office before the world spins down to some kind of giant communist regime were we're all free to convert to Islam or die. Approve of Muhhamad or else.
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