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  Its Official, Free Speech Illegal In Norway
Article 135-A of the Norwegian Penal Code orders a maximum penalty of three years in jail for publishing articles mocking religions or ethnic groups.

In one fell swoop, the government of Norway has surrendered its freedom to appease the international Islofacist regime.

Please Mr. Muslim, Don't make any esoteric threats against us, we surrender, we surrender.

I'm sure the 'Church' of Scientology will be all over this too.

I hope alot of people from Norway see this post so they can hear it from me first had.

YOU ARE A LITTLE BITCH, you don't deserve any freedom. I can only look forward to the day that the muslim armies muder all you cowardice little bitches. I wish we had let the Nazi's keep Norway.

"Freedom of expression is all about expressing an opinion. In the cartoons case, there is no opinion." So stating a religion of murder is being led in the image of bomb weilding fanatics isn't an opinion? I think its a fact but thats beside the point. Norway, you have sold out your freedoms for foreign interests. I hope you guys feel good on your supposed moral high ground.

I'm creating the Church of The United States, therefore it will be illegal in Norway to critize US and US policy. And don't say anything about me being some kind of toothless hillbilly from West Virginia cause that's an ethnic group: aka its illegal too.

But rest assured, the Muslim will continue there relentless assault against the international Jewery. They talk big about religious intolerance against them, but when the rubber hits the road, they continue their murderous attacks against the 'evil Jews'.
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