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  Europe Confirming, No Such Thing As Free Speech
German police have addmitted that they will use sweeping new powers to lock up anyone 'inciting hatred' at the World Cup.

Of course what they consider 'inciting hatred' can be a little a an ill-defined salute of the infamous 'goose-stepping.'
“We will come down hard on people who use insulting behaviour or make trouble.

English... should be aware that the Nazi salute and provocative behaviour like goose-stepping in public will be punished. We will offer the warmest welcome to true football fans. But anyone glorifying extremism here risks arrest.

We are prepared to use our police powers to hold fans for up to two weeks without charge if we feel they are a threat to public safety and order.

This used to be the city of the Nazi rallies but is now famous as the city of human rights. We do not live in the past.”

The city’s police are beefing up CCTV surveillance with a £1.1million space-age computerised control center. It has a bank of high-definition flat screen monitors linked to cameras that can zoom in on a single face. Close-up pictures can then be transmitted to snatch squads who will grab offenders in seconds.

More than 3,000 cops will be on red alert, including a rapid reaction force supported by highly-trained riot teams, helicopters, water cannon and dogs.

In addition, it will now be illegal to make any mention world war 2.

I guess we all now see freedom of speech is gone in Europe. Those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it. When the past is outlawed, the present becomes the past.
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