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  Us To Iran, Happy German New Year
"The United States government reportedly began coordinating with its NATO allies to forge a plan for possible military attack against Iran" and its rouge nuclear operation.

The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel has made the claim that, according to what it calls " various reports collected from the German media", North Atlantic Treaty Organization are examining the prospects of a strike against the "Axis of Evil' ringleader. According to the report, CIA Director Porter Goss has requested Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to provide military bases to the United States in 2006 from where they would be able to launch an assault.
Apparently they forgot what happened last time me needed Turkish bases. One might assume its a shift to more northern operations forUSAF and Iraq's airforce should be coming along soon, but that wouldn't sell copy like 'US DECLARE WAR WAR WAR' would, but I digress.
The German news agency DDP also asserted countries neighboring Iran; Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, and Pakistan were updated regarding a supposed plan. American sources sent to those countries mentioned an aerial strike as a possibility, but provided no time frame for any such operations.

Although Der Spiegel would not say that these plans were indeed fact, they did note that according to a New Yorker report, American forces had allready entered Iran to mark possible targets for an aerial assault.

There it is folks, the height of hypocricy. MSM media, through foreign outlets, declaring US war on Iran. But somehow its Bush's fault for the gov. bad overseas reputation.
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