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  Russians Proudly Show Off 30 Million Dollar Miracle Rock
Russia's intelligence agency described the communications device disguised as a rock allegedly used by British spies in Moscow as a "miracle of technology" worth tens of millions of pounds.

"It's a piece of space-age technology, a machine that can withstand a fall from from nine floors up and prolonged submersion in water," said Sergei Ignachenko, spokesman for the FSB agency, as he showed off the object to the media. It can slice through a hammer yet still sharp enough to dice tomatoes.

On Monday, the FSB accused four British diplomats of involvement in a spy ring in which agents allegedly passed secrets through the rock, located in a Moscow park and the subject of a program broadcast by a state-run television channel.

"According to our experts, this rock, this miracle of technology, costs several tens of millions of dollars," the spokesman said.

He said FSB agents were systematically searching the capital to locate similar 'miracle rocks' they believed British agents had planted.
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