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  Russia To Allow Polygamy For Muslim's Sake
A deputy of the parliament of the Russian internal republic of Bashkortostan, has suggested legalizing polygamy in the region, Interfax reported.

Eduard Murzin, who earlier tried to legalize same-sex marriages in Russia, but failed, explained that now he is declaring a war against infringement of Muslims’ interests, as their religion allows them to marry up to three women.

“The idea was suggested to me by a certain mullah. There are many Muslims there. And according to Islam canons, a man can have three wives. Besides all, we have too few normal men, it is not enough for all women. That is why the birth rate is so law — few are ready to bring up a child without a husband,” the deputy said, claiming that polygamy will be the best solution. He did not mention, however, that an ancient tradition appeared as many Muslims were killed in battles and polygamy is allowed only if a man can provide money for all wives.

Murzin has already worked out a draft law and introduced it to a local parliament. Bashkortostan’s mullahs support him. “Currently man often lives with a woman a year or two, they give birth to a child, but then he marries another woman. Abandoned women and children, thus, suffer from shock,” a senior republic’s mullah Ayup Bibarsov said. “Legalizing polygamy would be worth to let all the wives and children feel themselves comfortably and live in a full family,” he stressed.

However, the Orthodox religion that is considered main in Russia, treats polygamy as animal’s lust, and second marriage is allowed only if a mate dies.

Murzin’s way to fight for human rights is quite controversial. In January 2005 he and a chief editor of a gay web-site Eduard Mishin filed for a marriage certificate from a Moscow registration office. Murzin is heterosexual and his participation in the attempted marriage was caused by an attempt to promote human rights for sexual minorities in Russia. Mishin is a famous in Russia gay rights activist.
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