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  Michael Moore Fears 'Canadian Bush'
Vioment Anti-American propagandist Michael Moore weighed in on the Canadian election Friday night on his Web site.

Moore lamented the predicted success of Stephen Harper's Conservative Party in Monday's election and urged Canadians not to vote for the candidate who shares George Bush's worldview.

"These are no ordinary times," Moore proclaimed. "And as you go to the polls on Monday, you do so while a man running the nation to the south of you is hoping you can lend him a hand by picking Stephen Harper because he's a man who shares his world view"

"Do you really want to help George Bush by turning Canada into his latest conquest" Moore asked.

Harper's Conservative Party is poised to win its first national election in 18 years, unseating a Liberal Party that has dominated Canadian politics for the last century.

"The Liberals are being blown out of the water," University of Toronto professor Nelson Wiseman told Bloomberg News. "The only thing we're discussing now is whether the Conservatives are going to form a majority or a minority."

Wiseman was referring to Canadian's parliamentary system, in which a party may win a plurality of votes but is forced to negotiate with smaller parties in order to form a majority government.

Harper has pledged to cut taxes and end corruption. He has claimed he has no intention of sending Canadian troops to Iraq, but has promised increased military spending and contributions to NATO and the effort in Afghanistan.
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