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  LA Mayor Calls City 'Capital Of Homelessness'
A new report's prompting the mayor of Los Angeles to call his city the "the homelessness capital of the United States of America."

The study by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority estimates more than 82,000 people are homeless any given night in LA County. And 48,000 of them are in the city of Los Angeles.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the city will be aggressive in seeking Proposition 63 mental-health dollars. That measure seeks to expand mental-health programs by taxing millionaires 1 percent.

California voters approved the plan in November 2004.

The mayor also has made a $50 million commitment for services and housing for the homeless. He's also pushing a $1 billion bond measure to create more affordable housing.

Another homes report out this week by advocates for the homeless named America’s “meanest” cities. They were chosen for their treatment of homeless people.

The factors to choose the meanest cities included the number of anti-homeless laws, the enforcement of those laws, and the general political climate toward homeless people in the community.
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