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  Iran Hanging People For "Waging War On Allah"
According to Iran Focus, on December 28 two Iranians were hung in public in Ahwax. While children and adults watched, "two men, identified only by their fist names as Naeem-Abdollah and Jaleel, were accused of being 'mohareb,'" that is, persons who 'waged war on Allah.'

The two men were led to the city square. There the nooses were tied around their necks. There the neighbors were witness to two human beings hanging from ropes. This is legitimate, according to the country's judiciary.

The press release did not specify how these two people 'waged war on God.' God, of course, in Iran, is defined as the Koran's Allah. There are many sentences in the Koran stipulating how one can bring down the wrath of Allah, thus suffering death penalty by hanging or other means. Presumably, these two Iranians did just that so as to bring their lives to an end at the hanging post.

The media simply explained: "In the past, Iran's judiciary has executed political opponents of the Islamic Republic on the charge of being a mohareb. The two men were hanged at dawn in one of the city's main squares."

Whatever the definition of "War on Allah," two Iranians were put to death before the waiting public at early dawn.

Further, according to Iran Focus, in the southern town of Jahrom, Iranian officials "flogged three men in public." This was reported by the state-owned daily.

These were young males who remained unnamed in the media release. However, the watching public could see clearly what was leveled against them because of their "drinking" and "unruly behavior," stated the daily Etemaad.

With that, the men were flogged 300 times.

Neighbors watched in the town's Velayat Square as judiciary officials looked on to make sure the 300 count was complete.

Thus is life in Iran.
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