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  Iran Breaks Nuclear Seal, Faces UN Security Council
Iran removed seals on its nuclear facilities Tuesday, ending a two year freeze on work despite warnings from the United States and other countries concerned about Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

The United States rebuked Iran for the move, calling it a step toward creating the material for nuclear bombs. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's official spokesman said the international community was "running out of patience" with Tehran.

If Iran continues on its current nuclear course, it will leave the international community no choice but to refer Tehran to the U.N. Security Council for possible actions, the White House said on Tuesday.

"If the regime in Iran continues on the current course and fails to abide by its international obligations there is no other choice but to refer the matter to the Security Council," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

He also said that if Iran started nuclear enrichment and reprocessing it would be considered a "serious escalation."

I'm guessing that when the UN fails their international duty, again, nuclear war will follow. The worst part being no-one in America will be harmed. The Jews will have to take the punishment for the west's failure.
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