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  In America, The Dead Vote Democrat
Sen. Ophelia Ford, Tennessee Democrat, won her election by 13 votes over a GOP opponent , with irregularities such as numerous dead people voting being uncovered.

She replaced her brother, John Ford, who stepped down last year from the Senate seat after he was indicted on federal charges that he took $55,000 in bribes.

Republican leaders said they may call for a vote next week to nullify the election of the Memphis Democrat. Attorney General Paul Summers' office said the Senate could to that with a majority.

Senate Speaker Pro Tem Micheal Williams, R-Maynardsville, said he's not ready to unseat her. Williams said that as chairman of a Senate panel he'd be looking into the election, but he wants to wait until the state election office finishes reviewing ballots.

Ford said she's not paying attention to Republicans, especially because they don't have enough votes. "I'm sure all my colleagues will do their best," Ford said. "I'll be ready for whatever that is."

Sen. Tim Burchett, R-Knoxville, said he would vote to oust Ford.

"There's just too many questions,. And the fact she only won by 13 votes shows people in that district are tired of these kinds of shenanigans."

James Trent, a psychologist in Nashville, said Ford never should have been sworn in once the first illegal ballot was discovered.

"How many dead people have to vote before you nullify an election?" he said. "For them to consider seating her is ridiculous and just more indication of corruption in the legislature."
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