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  HAMAS Won't Be 'Blackmailed'
This was so rich it made my teeth hurt. So good on so many levels.

HAMAS will have to fuction without west-aid.
A top Hamas leader says his organization won't be "blackmailed" by international threats to cut off aid to the Palestinians.

He says the group is searching for alternative sources of funding.

Osama Hamdan also says Hamas will not accept conditions from the West that Hamas renounce violence. At the same time, he says Hamas is ready for dialogue.

Hamdan is a member of the group's exiled leadership. He made the remarks in a telephone interview from Lebanon.
Pretty good considering:
The European Union says it will continue funding the Palestinian Authority so long as its new government is committed to peace with Israel.

EU ministers renewed their call for Hamas to renounce violence and recognise the Jewish state following the militant group's election victory.

Earlier Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urged foreign donors to continue giving aid to the Palestinians.

EU member states donated about $600m (£341m) to the Palestinians in 2005.

But Hamas' landslide victory has left the union in a quandary because the group, which has launched dozens of suicide bombings against Israelis, figures on an EU list of terrorist groups.

Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik, who chaired the talks in Brussels, said the EU expects the new Palestinian assembly to "support the formation of a government committed to a peaceful and negotiated solution of the conflict with Israel".
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