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  France To Finaly Lift State Of Emergency
Going to further proove that most of France, is in fact, a third world country: France says it will lift a state of emergency on Wednesday. The state of emergency that was declared in November during what has been called "the worst violence in the country in nearly 40 years."

"Officials had feared that the holiday season might trigger new violent protests against racism and unemployment by youths of African and Arab origin as well as whites from poor areas."

So their afraid oF africans, arabs and poor whites. Whats left in France? Like 10%? The article make reference to Algeria. I just wonder if there weren't more loyal French in Algeria then, then there are in France now?

Apparently only 425 is an improvement. One question I have is there any semblance of property rights there? I know here in America I can defend my private property. Is that such an alien concept if France, or are they surrendering one car at a time? How can the French Auto Insurance companies be affording this?
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