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  The Failing European Educational System
Teachers should tackle bad behaviour in class by praising their pupils instead of telling them off, according to research published today.

Teachers should not use bad behaviour but rather, praising their pupils instead of telling them off. They would produce a 'Happy Perrson' whose intelect must be asountindly low. I allways thought you went to school to learn, not to make you feel better. Apparently they don't know tha the teacher's pet get beatdown the most.

Positive feedback leads the 'most difficult pupils' to behave better, according to academics at Liverpool John Moores University. But disciplining an unruly child in front of the whole class is the worst thing a teacher can do, the researchers said.

Research author Dr Jeremy Swinson said such a tactic only provokes difficult pupils into the kind of "am I bovvered?" response coined by TV comic Catherine Tate.

"If you want to motivate any group of people you don't do it by telling them off," he said. "You do it by accentuating the positives. That's what you need to do in the classroom." If they would have only positively accentuated Hitler.

Dr Swinson insisted his approach was not "soft" on discipline.

Teachers must never ignore unruly behaviour and should use sanctions available to them in more serious cases, he said. And one must wonder what those sanction are? Student under sanction for years and years, we saw how well that worked for Iraq.

But publicly telling off a difficult pupil was an "incredibly bad" tactic.

"What every teacher wants is for children to do as they have been told, in other words, to behave. The most effective strategy of getting anybody to do as they are told is to be positive."

And when they don't ?????Oh Jimmy, that was a good job of removing the knife from Steve's chest. Henery, I'm glad you set the school on fire, now we will study structural collaspe from the inside.
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