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  Even In Death, In England You've Got No Freedom
A Hampstead man has been banned from putting up a headstone on his grandfather's grave because it labels him a socialist.

The Western Charitable Foundation, which oversees the Western Cemetery in Cheshunt, where Mr Yason is buried, disallowed the slogan as too political.

Mr Burman said: "They said it was to do with the secular world interfering with the religious world but we want to remember him for what he was.

Mr Yason, a tailor from Bethnal Green, died in February last year aged 94. He served in World War Two and was wounded in the D-day landings, which left him with sleeping problems for the rest of his life.

He saved for his burial plot in Hertfordshire by paying £20 every year through a cooperative group.

"He was a member of a burial society called the Workers' Circle. It was a cheap cooperative for the poorer people in the Jewish community to save for their burial.

"Like so many of that generation he worked all his life. He was interesting, but in one way he was like everyone else: there were 120,000 Jewish people in the East End and many were active in the left. They are a part of history and we shouldn't lose that."

A spokesman for the foundation said: "We are waiting for a decision from the religious authorities. Quotations should be drawn from biblical sources."

A spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body for British Jewry, said: "Burial authorities make sure there are some rules and the idea is that headstones aren't used for advertising or self aggrandisement. As with all rules, the way they are applied in some cases can seem a little harsh."

I must ask the question, what happens when the Cross is too political to be put on your tombstone? Too political to put any reference to Jesus or Christianity. Englad is turning to a totalitarism state.
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