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  English Muslims To Boycott Holocaust Day...Again
The Muslim Council of Britain, the country's main Muslim organisation, has decided to maintain its boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day. The MCB's policy is not to take part in the UK's commemorations of the mass murder of Jews because it does not mention non-Jewish victims of genocide.

It had been reconsidering this, but the BBC has learned the MCB has decided to boycott this year's event too. Its leaders argue that crimes against other peoples should also be marked.

The council says it does denounce the Holocaust as what it calls "monstrous cruelty" but rejects the charge that bracketing it with other atrocities diminishes Jewish suffering....

Some alleged that its policy indicated anti-Semitism by downplaying the singular nature of the Nazis' attempt to murder a whole people by industrial methods.

In the face of the criticism, the MCB has now deliberated privately but decided that the ceremony later this month will also be boycotted, the BBC's British affairs correspondent Stephen Evans said....

The UK's Holocaust Memorial Day is 27 January, but it will be marked a day earlier this year as "this date falls on a Friday which has implications for a number of faiths", organisers said.

A number of faiths? Which ones?
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