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  English Bums Steal Your Hospital Bed
Following the fine tradition of European, socialized healthcare:

A man with a broken back woke to find a drunk bum snoring in the hospital bed next to him.

The bed’s rightful occupier had walked out for a few minutes — and returned to find the vagrant had wandered in for a snooze.

His furious wife Vera, 62, alerted staff at at West London’s Central Middlesex Hospital — and security removed the tramp.

Vera said she then had to PLEAD with nurses to change the tramp’s dirty bed linen.

She said: “The tramp was in his 50s and when they moved him the back of his jacket was covered in mess. “There’s no excuse for such terrible standards. The ward is dirty and the nurses — mainly from agencies — went from bed to bed without washing their hands.

What is more concerning is the security on the ward. Anyone can walk in and out unchallenged.”

Nick Hulme, director of operations for the Central Middlesex Trust said: “We are investigating the incident of a homeless person getting into a hospital bed. Hospitals are public places.

“However, if necessary, we will review security arrangements. I am sorry for the distress this incident caused.”

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