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  Diplomatic Victories
While this counts as a diplomatic victory for Condoleeza Rice and President Bush, it still does not solve the Iran problem. However, if military action must be taken, this is an important step to have taken.
The United States and Europe, after hours of negotiations on Iran, won support from Russia and China early Tuesday to refer Iran's nuclear activities to the United Nations Security Council this week, but with a promise that the Council would not act on the question for at least a month.

"This is certainly the most decisive action taken on Iran by the international community in years," a senior State Department official said at a briefing. "This is a clear signal that the international community are saying, 'Enough.' "

A statement this morning by the top foreign officials of China, Russia, the United States and leading European countries also called on Iran to restore the suspension of all uranium enrichment, including activities restarted this month, when it broke internationally monitored seals at a plant in Natanz.

But this statement of unity will likely have more impact.
The Quartet stressed that all members of a future Palestinian Government must be committed to non-violence, recognition of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations, the Secretary-General said, adding that it was "inevitable that any future assistance to any new government would be reviewed by donors" against the government's commitments in those areas.

The Quartet called on the newly elected Palestinian Legislative Council to support the formation of a government committed to non-violence, recognition of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations, as well as the rule of law, tolerance, reform and sound fiscal management.

It's not optimal, but if even a committed anti-Israel bigot like Kofi Annan thinks conditions must be put on aid then it is probably the best that could be expected from the Quartet.
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