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  Blogging About Election In Canada Is Illegal
Blogging on Canadian election day is a tricky thing. In this election, Section 329 of the Canada Elections Act will be in effect, meaning it will be effectively against the law to blog about election results until 10:00 ET.

In case you don't care about that:

Absolute Latest

Overall Election Results
PartyElectedLeadingTotalVote Share
Last Update:January 23, 11:30:24 PM EST 308 seats

It looks like the overall Liberal vote there is edging the Tories, 42.9% - 39.7%, with NDP at 15.8%. Ipsos had the Tories ahead by 2 points a couple of days ago, but having them run this closely is a pretty good development so far. Check the numbers right now ...

Early numbers were way off..

Liberal: 133
Conservative: 98
New Democrat: 18
Bloc: 53
Independent: 4

A majority would be 154. The number of seats in the House of Commons is 308
This doesn't apply to blogs run from outside Canada.

I will be covering it from Oxford.
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