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  Another Lie Againt America Perpetrated By The Media
The New York Times is accused of running a staged photograph of 'beleaguered' Pakistanis standing with a missile in the midst of their damaged home after a U.S. predator-drone attack aimed at al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The problem is the 'missile' actually is an old, unexploded artillery shell, possibly with its fuse intact.

While they have corrected the title to say "It was not the remains of a missile fired at a house" it only goes to show that the media is all too eager to perpetrate lies throughout the world media in their all out effort to make the US look bad by any means.

The old artillery shell "must have been found elsewhere and posed with the ruins and the little boy as a means at pulling of the heartstrings of the gullible readers of the New York Times."

Pakistani officials addmitted today "four or five foreign terrorists" were killed in the U.S. strike.

Mutch like the Koran flushing incident, facts don't matter. It only matters how to make it LOOK bad for the US. Maybe if the resorted to reporting facts instead of un-substantiated propaganda, the worls wouldn't hate the US so much.

But I'm afraid the media in America has become an echo chamber of the liberal elitist. Bound and determined to shape the world to their view of Eutopia. Eutopia where you will be jailed for wearing a tee shirt yet somehow supposed to have freedom. Where its okay to muder a child so long as it's still in utero but to kill an animal is criminal.

America is spiraling down to anarcy. Where do as I say not as I do is the de-facto standard. Where a mayor can proudly proclaim the city to be 'chocolate' but in the same speach blame white people for not helping enough. Far be it from me to point fingers, but if the mayor of my town said he wanted my people to be dis-empowered, so that the black people could be held on high, I'd leave taking my money, jobs with me.

Don't get pissed when you reap what you sew.
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