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  The Wonderful European Social Safety Net

It is, after all, one of the things our lefty friends hit us with. Europe might have lower economic growth and higher unemployment than the United States, but they really know how to take care of people. You know: the way Europeans are given weeks more vacation per year than Americans, work shorter hours, etc, which allows them to be more human, in touch with all that milk of human kindness. The funny thing is, as the comments in this entry over at GOP Bloggers shows, this attitude among American lefties is still prevalant even after thousands of French oldsters cooked to death while everyone was away at the beach and after tens of thousands of "youths" rioted for weeks...well, hopefully this news story will start to make some American lefties rethink their views:

...six homeless have died in France since the arrival of winter temperatures. French authorities have raised their weather alert in 31 departments and asked for increased vigilance to the homeless in Paris.

As of today, November 29th 2005, no American homeless person has died of exposure. I feel pretty confident in making this assertion because had there been such, the MSM would have trumpeted it and blamed President Bush and the Evil Republicans for such a death. I'll further bet that there haven't been six such deaths (ie, homeless people dying of exposure) in America over the past two years.

You don't get a good society with a social safety net, you get a collection of people who don't care about each other. Everyone in France looks to the government to fix a problem. In America a homeless person out on the street would be picked up by someone. There are shelters galore in America, and "homed" Americans donate massive amounts of food, supplies, and money to them every year. We don't have 35 hour work weeks, but we know what to do when one of our fellow Human is suffering.
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