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  UN To Develop Body To Deal With It's Own Failure
United Nations creates new agency to help states recover from wars the United Nations failed to prevent.

The U.N. General Assembly and the Security Council voted on Tuesday to create a peacebuilding commission designed to stop renewed warfare by helping countries develop once the fighting stops.

Assembly President Jan Eliasson called the vote "historic" and "our best chance to reverse the trend, which in recent years, has seen more than half the countries end their fighting only to lapse back into conflict within five years."

They still refuse to deal with the human rights council, comprehensive management changes as well as a controversial two-year budget.

Kofi Annan called the commission "historic" because the U.N. system lacked a dedicated entity to keep the peace once U.N. troops leave.

Many developing nations, including Pakistan, India, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Egypt and Mexico, voiced deep concerns that the Security Council had too much power over the membership of the commission, that any nation should be able to declare reconstruction policy in war-torn regions. Any future action would need council approval, which its permanent members could veto.
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