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  Syria on the Edge?
For as long as I've been aware of the middle east, the one thing which seemed certain was that Assad's Baathist Syria would remain the immovable political rock...in my time we've switched from the elder Assad to the Younger, but until just recently it seemed that Syria was not going to fall to the democratic winds blowing in the Arab/Moslem world. As it turned out, however, it looks like there was finally a "going too far" moment when Syria (or Syrian agents) assasinated the former Prime Minister of Lebanon...eventually, this forced Syria out of Lebanon and now Syria itself might be on the brink of radical change:
The Syrian opposition, a term that was a misnomer just two years ago, now has over 20 visible outlets with an increasing number of political activists who meet regularly inside and outside Syria. The Syrian Democratic Coalition — a dynamic group of ten Syrian opposition organizations led by Farid Ghadry — held a recent conference in Paris with representatives from political parties, human-rights organizations, tribes, and religious groups. The conference unveiled a registry for Syrians who are interested in voting and establishing a parliament-in-exile. The next conference — scheduled for mid-December — is expected to be the largest gathering of liberal Syrian activists, most of whom are under the age of 40.
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