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  Russia To Supply Iran Nuclear Weapons
In an apparent attempt to start nuclear war for profit:

Iran is ready to study a Russian proposal for the Islamic republic to enrich uranium on Russian soil, a top national security official has said in Tehran's warmest reaction yet to the offer.

"The new Russian proposal can be studied so that its economic, technical and scientific aspects will be clear," Supreme National Security Council member Javad Vaidi told the ISNA news agency yesterday.

He said the Russian proposal was based on the establishment of a "joint Iran-Russia company on Russian soil" for the enrichment of uranium, a key component of the nuclear fuel cycle....

Iran's enrichment demands have proved controversial, because highly enriched uranium can be used in the explosive core of a nuclear bomb. Tehran rejects US accusations it has a nuclear weapons program....

Moscow's proposal attacks the key sticking point in talks between Iran and the EU over Iran's nuclear program.

Its proposal would allow Iran to enrich uranium outside the country in Russia, giving Iran access to the nuclear fuel cycle but providing a guarantee its nuclear program is peaceful.

And free from Israeli response.
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