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  Riots in France not riots, was 'unrest'
Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin made a stab at salvaging France's beleaguered image overseas on Tuesday, in a US television interview focused on the outbreak of urban violence in the country.

Villepin told CNN that the wave of unrest in French suburbs this month could not be described as "riots", and that it was not rooted in ethnic or religious divisions.

So when they were shouting 'Bagdad on the Seine' that was in no way rooted in ethnic or religious divisions. The 'Burning Cars Intifada' not a riot. Had he said it was cival war maybe someone would belive him, and France would have its first victory.

Maybe in french 'fuel bomb factory' or 'gunshots fired at police' means something different than in English. Maybe Pourquoi brulez vous ma voiture? or Avez-vous du feu pour allumer mon cocktail molotov?
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