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  Genius of the BBC
The BBC has figured out how to eliminate terrorism:

It will stop mentioning the word "terrorism."

Problem solved! That was easy.

From MediaGuardian.co.uk:

"Careful use of the word 'terrorist' is essential if the BBC is to maintain its reputation for standards of accuracy and especially impartiality ... that does not mean we should emasculate our reporting or otherwise avoid conveying the reality and horror of what has occurred; but we should consider the impact our use of language may have on our reputation for objective journalism amongst our many audiences ... we must be careful not to give the impression that we have come to some kind of implicit - and unwarranted - value judgement."

Unwarranted value judgment?

Exactly what do you have to do to warrant a value judgment -- chop off an innocent guy's head?

Oh -- sorry -- I guess that isn't enough either.

I guess if we can't talk the BBC out of its plan to "eliminate terrorism," we'll have to follow suit.

This very blog will eliminate racism!

By not mentioning it.

From now on, we will make no unwarranted value judgments about basing a humans value on skin color.

We will use value-neutral terms like "enforced diversity," "targeted racial distribution," and "population control."

I'm sure that these new guidelines will please the BBC.
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