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  European Healthcare Utopia
A woman was shocked to find maggots crawling on her mother's face in a English hospital's intensive care unit.

Nyree Ellison Anjos alerted staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital when she saw the larvae wriggling near a feeding tube attached to her mother's nose. Christine Ellison died two days later, but the family is satisfied the maggot incident had no bearing.

The hospital has apologised to the family saying it was "an isolated and rare occurrence."
"The incident was incredibly rare and we took immediate steps to prevent it from happening again. "We have always been commended for our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene and we take any incident such as this extremely seriously."

A statement from the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: "We would like to offer our sincere apologies to the family of Mrs Ellison for any distress caused by this incident.

I guess it should come as no suprise ther're highlight reel also includes not treating smokers.

Lincoln County Hospital has told Frederick Smith, 60, he must give up his 15-a-day habit for six months before he can be treated.

Mr Smith said the narrowing of the arteries in his leg could be caused by a number of things, not just smoking.But a spokeswoman for Lincoln County Hospital said "Treating smokers sent out the message they condoned the habit. Giving up smoking may lead to an improvement in a patient's symptoms."

I'm guessing the'll be empty soon given all the fat people in England. Will they refuse overweight diabetics? Drunk driving accident victim's refused? Where does it stop? Refuse treatment because you support the war in Iraq? They wouldn't want to sent out the message they condoned it.

Please fill out this 80 page questionare so we can ensure you don't conform to the hospitals ideal of what a person should be so we can reject you.
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