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  Environmental Group Exploits Indians To Take Away Their Jobs
Excuse me while I get up on my Ivory Tower preach to the masses how evil they are.

A large coal-fired power plant at the center of a dispute several years ago will close at the end of the year rather than violate a court-ordered deadline for upgrades to the tune of $1.1 billion. Under a 1999 consent decree won by environmental groups, the aging Mohave plant was required to upgrade its pollution controls or close by Jan. 1, 2006.

Southern California Edison said Thursday the 1,580-megawatt Mohave Generating Station near Laughlin would close. The plant had provided the utility with 7 percent of its total electricity output. The company said its 13 million customers would not be immediately affected because ofthe availability of other power sources and transmission lines, but that long term growth is now unfeasable.

In a filing Thursday with the California Public Utilities Commission, Edison said it planned to continue negotiations aimed at keeping the plant open but is expected to close it for at least a few months. The environmental groups have said they would not agree to any deadline extension.

The plant is the only customer of the Black Mesa mine near Kayenta, Ariz., which provides 160 jobs to members of the Navajo Nation. The mine will likey be forced to close.

"It was the environmental groups that helped bring this about, the result is that a lot of breadwinners are going to be out of work,'' said George Hardeen, spokesman for the Navajo Nation.

Environmentalists said they sympathized with the tribes, but argued Edison had plenty of time to fix whatever the its's plant's pollution problems. Or maybe "Edison should invest in renewable energy sources on tribal land, which would benefit the people who have been exploited all of these years by the greater metropolitan centers of the West,'' said Roger Clark, director of the Grand Canyon Trust's air and energy program.

Yea, you just got exploited out of 160 jobs courtesy of Flagstaff, Arizona.
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