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  What Europe thinks of the World
I found this great video. Its from Europe somewhere, me thinks Germany but I'm not positive. What is positive is the message. It is every whitey's purpose on earth is to lay down there lives for others because their a human too.
"Asylum is a human right"
Thats not a nightmare is it? Its our "Duty?" to save every person on Earth from violence via asylum. With thinking like what this ad is pushing, this its no wonder Europe is falling. Human right for those who only belive in taking away others rights; thats rich. Makes we wonder who there talking about. The guy who geting killed or the guy "forced into civial disobideance" by a "repressive" welfare state. At a poor job not getting the human rights he think he deserves.

Here is the pictorial summary. Check it out its a good window into multiculture defeatism.
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