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  War on terror, 83,000 detained 17% kept.
Thought this article masked some interesting facts under msm speak.

Only 17% of those detained by the military are actually kept. The other 83%(68,000) are let go to do whatever it is they do.

It makes me question what qualifies as "detained?" Everyone taken by any us force? IE medical help, battlefield surrenders, comman law criminals, smugglers, supporters of terror?

About 100 to 150 people are believed to have been grabbed and sent to their home countries or to other nations where they were wanted for prosecution.

The practice has taken on a negative connotation because people are stupid, but that wasn't always the case. Former CIA Director George Tenet said in 2002 the agency and the FBI had "rendered 70 terrorists to justice."

Former intelligence officials say some interrogation techniques some have classified as cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, are well-known. Exposing prisoners to cold, depriving them of sleep, forcing them to stand in stressful positions, subjecting them to loud or annoying music. Perhaps the most publicly controversial technique is waterboarding, when a detainee is strapped to a board and has water run over him to simulate drowning.
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