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  U.N. Body Seeks Reinstatement of Employee Fired Over Oil-for-Food
In the classical sense of promoting failure at the UN, the only person fired for the oil-for-food scandal has been rehired.

The Joint Disciplinary Committee concluded that Joseph Stephanides was fired mostly because of the public scrutiny from an investigation that found the $64 billion program was poorly managed and corrupt. He was fired for divulging the bid amount of a Lloyd's competitor. But because of the open reading, the bids were no longer private, the panel said, adding the basis for firing Stephanides was "seriously flawed and was therefore to be rejected."

A U.N. appeals body ruled that the only employee to be fired over the Iraq oil-for-food scandal did not violate staff rules and should be reinstated with a public apology from Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Stephanides. The committee concluded that the order to dismiss Stephanides be rescinded, that he be paid any salary he missed and that he be allowed to retire. It also ruled that he be paid the equivalent of two years net base salary — which he said was about $98,000 — because of the damage to his rights, reputation and image. Finally, Annan must write him a public apology.

The ruling swept aside the findings of both Volcker's $35 million investigation and concurring opinions by the U.N. Office of Human Resources Management and Office of Legal Affairs.

The ruling will be a new jolt to the secretary-general and the U.N. as they try to move on from the oil-for-food scandal and other problems — including sex abuse by peacekeepers and claims of sexual harassment by the former U.N. refugee chief — that have made this year one of the worst chapters in the world body's 60-year history.

"This recommendation enables me to have an honorable retirement which I really feel grateful for, nothing is more important than this," Stephanides told AP.

Get that check for subverting peace in the world. Get that pension for selling out the UN. Get acclaim from the left for disobeying the rules. I wish I could tell the IRS there assesment of my wealth was "seriously flawed and was therefore to be rejected."
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