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  Prince Charles -- Defender Of The Islamic Faith
Prince Charles is visiting the US this week and has apparently told friends that he hopes to encourage Americans to take a more positive view of Islam. Americans interested in the impact of Islam on Prince Charles’ country should read “Islam in Britain,” a report of the UK Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, available from www.isic-centre.org.

“Islam in Britain” paints a vivid picture of a rapidly growing British Muslim community determined to remodel British society along Islamic lines.

"Muslims find it difficult to assume minority status in a majority non-Muslim society. More than other minority communities, they constantly, sometimes subconsciously, strive to redress the balance and assume an expanding and dominant position in their host countries.”

The report goes on to document this process, showing first how Muslim organizations in Britain have attempted to enforce Muslim custom and sharia law upon unwilling membersof their own faith community, especially women – and then how they have gone on to attempt to enforce Muslim norms on all British people, Muslim or not.

“The Muslim community may have to define ‘no go’ areas where the exercise of ‘freedom of speech’ against Islam will not be tolerated.” And indeed the Blair government is attempting to extend Britain’s laws against hate-speech to forbid criticism of religion and religious practices.

I have here only lightly skimmed the important and troubling assessments of “Islam in Britain.” But even this short summary suggests that the British experience promoted by Prince Charles is one that Americans should take as a warning, not an example.

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