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  Muslim group condemns anti-terrorism laws

Not that they're, uh, pro-terror. They just don't want police doing much of anything to stop it. Got it? "Muslim group condemns anti-terrorism laws," from ABC.Net:

A civil rights group for Muslims has condemned the Federal Government's proposed counter-terrorism laws. More than 1,000 people have gathered in Sydney to mark the start of a weekend of protests across Australia against the laws. Organised by anti-war groups, the rally has also been attended by unions and civil liberties organisations. It is one of several being held major cities around Australia this weekend, including Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

The Australian Muslims Civil Rights Advocacy Network has protested against the legislation at a Sydney rally. Network spokesman Waleed Kadous says the laws are a quick fix rather than a real solution to terrorism. "The Government has violated so many conventions and treaties and principles that it is no longer clear who is doing the most damage to our freedoms, is it the terrorists or is it our own government? We don't know the answer any more," he said.
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