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  Meet the new Europe, same as the old Europe

From Israel National News:

(IsraelNN.com) Swedish Radio News (SRN) reported today that a Stockholm mosque is selling cassettes calling for a genocidal holy war against the Jews. According to SRN, the cover of one of the cassettes shows a picture of the Statue of Liberty draped in a burning American flag.

Sales of cassettes promoting genocide are illegal in Sweden. A spokesman for the mosque blamed volunteers for stocking the mosque bookstore with the cassettes.

Of course, we knew nothing, we never saw it before.

Meet the new Europe, same as the old Europe. Note that this call was not just for destroying the Jewish State and rendering the Jews dhimmis. It was for killing them -- probably because they would be considered kuffar harbi: unbelievers at war with Islam.

And this cassette, containing the call, was not sold furtively by some greasy multi-pierced skinhead who would repulse all those who love home and family. This cassette was sold in a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden. And it was sold without any reported uprising from the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims in that mosque, protesting against the demonization, vilification, and calls to murder their fellow People of the Book, for whom they have so much respect, the Jews. Instead, mosquegoers apparently let it all pass, perhaps due to long years of conditioning about the evil qualities of the Jews as shown in the Qur'an.

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