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  London Islam Center in Controversy
Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, blames "Islamophobes" for thwarting his grandiose plans to construct an Islamic community center in London. From ContactMusic:
[Mr. Islam} has come under fire from residents in the Brent area of London for failing to follow through his plans to turn a 1906 Church into a modern centre comprising prayer rooms, a block of flats and a medical area.

But the one-time pop star is convinced local opposition stems wholly from prejudice and ignorance.

Islam's spokesman DANIEL GORDON says, "This is all about Islamophobia. They were even critical of the fact that the sketches for the plans showed people wearing hijabs.

"The delays are down to the fact that it has been hard to get funding following the 11 September attacks."
So they want to do another Hagia Sophia type religious destruction by conversion and are upset we won't just roll over and die. Far be-it from us to want to keep our churches the way they were built. But its all Islamophobia, yea and I've got some prime beach-front properties in Arizona to sell you.
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