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  It’s Only "Terrorism" IF…
I’ve always wondered why Muslims don’t speak out loudly and harshly against terrorism. Not because they are actually against terrorism (which I don’t believe they are), but because usually they are so media-savvy (a la Pallywood) and understand the war for public opinion. It would seem to be in their best interest to at least FAKE an outraged response to the savagery of terrorism - but they can’t even bring themselves to do that.

So, when the latest round of terrorism hit Jordan, one of our tepid, in-name-only allies in the War on Terrorism, I was slightly shocked at the outrage and demonstrations on the street. Wow - the PR folks must’ve woken up, I thought. Guns and Butter notes, “Nothing like a little taste of terrorism to realize the evil nature of terrorists, eh?”

Yet, it didn’t take long to realize that the Jordanians subscribe to a curious parsing of the evils of terrorism. It goes something like this:

1) Terrorism is OK if it kills Americans, Jews, and Christians, and any Muslims other than Sunnis (including Shi’ite Muslims and Kurdish Muslims). GOOD GOOD GOOD.

2) Terrorism is NOT OK when it kills Sunni Muslims in their home country of Jordan. BAD BAD BAD

3) And then there’s the gray area: random dead Sunnis in Iraq are no big deal as long as there are more dead of everyone else. NOT ALL THE WAY OK, BUT NOT BAD ENOUGH TO CARE

Here’s a quote from Zarqawi’s relative in Jordan (via Tel-Chai Nation): “I am not ashamed of what his group is doing fighting the US occupation of Iraq, but killing civilians, killing Muslims here in Jordan is shaming.”

So there’s a fine line, and one that the terrorists cross daily in Iraq, with their indiscriminate bombing of restaurants, bus stops, random cars, etc. And all that is OK in Iraq, London, Thailand, or wherever their hearts desire, as long as it isn’t Them. Well, now it’s “Them”, and it ain’t so pretty. So Jordanians have finally and belatedly commenced with weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth about their home-grown terrorist son, Zarqawi.

What goes around, comes around, Jordan - and payback’s a bitch.
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