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  French Falls
The question remains: does France have the moral capability of defending itself?
Jacques Chirac today called an emergency security meeting after France's worst night of violence yet, during which rioting spread across the country and a petrol bomb factory was found in a Parisian suburb.

The meeting, planned for this evening, came as Chirac faced mounting criticism from opposition politicians for not speaking publicly about the violence that has fanned out from Paris' tough northeastern suburbs.

Meanwhile six youths, all aged under 18, were last night arrested in a raid on a building in Evry, south of Paris, during which more than 100 bottles, gallons of fuel and hoods for hiding rioters' faces were also found.

This violence is the carefully planned result of thugs who wish to gain an advantage over the French government, and control over the helpless population in the impoverished areas of France. The French government will have to get troops into the affected area and it will have to open fire on the rioters - any other means of calming the riots will mean that the French government knuckled under to the demands of the purveyors of violence.

For nearly a century now Europeans, with France ever in the van, have diligently attacked the Judeo-Christian foundation of the civilzation which provides them the comfort and security they enjoy. Now that their civilization is nearly completely rotted from within, they are being faced with external attack - in the form of barbarism inside the gates; invited barbarism - barbarians the French were incapable of integrating into French civilization because French civilization has rotted away.

There is still time for Europe to save itself if it will act with firmness towards the external assault and if it will start to rebuild the shattered foundations of European civilization. I don't hold much hope out for it, but anything is possible.

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