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  EU wants to allow terrorists into US
In a bid to force the US to accept all EU pasangers into the US un-conditionally, and to force the US to follow EU rules:

"The European Union's transfer of airline passenger data to the United States should be declared illegal, an adviser to the European Union's highest court said on Tuesday. "

Information required on airline passengers flying to U.S. destinations, inclue name, address, payment information and contact phone numbers are required for any persons entering the US.

"Neither the (European Union) Council decision approving the agreement nor the (European) Commission decision holding that information be sufficiently protected by the United States have an adequate legal basis."

In effect there are only 2 responses to this, Free access for all to the US coming from the EU or containment in country untill verification of intent.

So there reach 'In Continent' is not enough, now they must dictate to the world data handling rules? I hope they're gonna have fun sitting in the US airports for hours and hours at customs. The US will require clearance of anyone coming into the US no matter whre they came from. If the EU doesn't give advanced notice, which is what it sounds like saying, then they'll have to wait at LaGuardia untill everything checks out. Today the EU will only give the data once the airplane has left the ground. In effect the EU was giving all its airline passengers a headstart in entry. Without this headstart the average wait time to get into the US at INTL airports will shoot up into the 6-8 hours rage

To belive that the EU rules will allow anyone from the EU cart blanch access to the US is not only rediculious but suicidal. To my European friends I can only say "Have fun in the plane for 6 hoursa and another 8 in the airport.

The European Parliament, made up of lawmakers elected from across the 25 member states of the European Union, also argued that it should have had an opportunity to accept or reject any deal with "insufficient democratic legitimacy."

Their elected officials to determine democratic legitimacy in the US. Maybe they should look at their own quasi internal issues before they start throwing their 'elected lawmakers' overseas telling whose democratically elected lawmakers are not legitimate and whose "outcome based elected" lawmakers are legit.
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