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  EU takes up N. Korea
Seems the EU has finally takes the call to take a stand on something other than letting others rule them:

"The EU's draft resolution expresses 'serious concern' over violations of human rights in North Korea, the cruel treatment of political prisoners, human trafficking, and the punishment of refugee-seekers, among others. It was the first time that the world's largest political and economic bloc brought up the communist state's human rights to the United Nations."

Of course it only took them 40 some years to figure this out? I know EU is only good for so much. At this rate in 2050 they'll call for sanctions. I guess this is the first indicators that the EU is seeing the futility of dealing with human rights by kissing the ass of the local incompetent dictator.

"North Korea has accused the United States of attempting to overthrow the communist regime with human rights laws and warned of an 'ultra hard-line' response if it does so."
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