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  EU activily promoting the destruction of Iseral
IDF forces intercepted a group of Palestinian terrorists approaching the goods terminal for Palestinian exports armed with explosive devices and a recoilless grenade launcher. One terrorist was killed and two seriously injured in the exchange of fire. This was the second Palestinian attempt in two days to blow up the Karni terminal with Israeli personnel.

This as EU officials push hard for Israel to give up its demand for security cameras at the border in Rafah. They also demand that all the Gaza-Israel crossings remain open amid continuous Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israeli personnel. Israel was forced to back down from virtually all its demands for security safeguards against terrorist incursions.

The PA wants a presence on the Kerem Shalom crossing from Egypt which is wholly located in Israel territory. The Palestinian demand for a security presence on Israeli soil is consistent with its longstanding territorial aspirations to enlarging the Gaza Strip by adding slices of the Israel.
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