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  Armed police razed homes as families scrambled to save their possessions
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe seeks to emulate Pol Pot as he goes on an urban demolition spree to force his citizens into the countryside.

Armed police razed homes as families scrambled to save their possessions. The army was called in to help in some areas where residents protested. Residents of Harare's Mufakose township said police used flamethrowers to burn homes. A third of his town's two million residents live in the dwellings targeted, according to "urban planners".

"The police came in the morning and just started tearing down people's homes. Some were burned down, others were bulldozed," said a resident of Chinotimba township in Victoria Falls. On Friday Mr Mugabe said the campaign would rid the cities of "havens for illicit and immoral practices" and make way for a "more salubrious environment".

What crowns the affair is that most of the demolished homes had been legally registered in a housing scheme funded by the World Bank.aka YOU

"The police also destroyed gardens which provided food for many families. As many as 10,000 people were made homeless in a 24-hour period. At least 5,000 of them are children. The campaign was condemned by the National Pastors Conference who urged the Mugabe government to "engage in a war against poverty and not against the poor".
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