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  Amsterdam Minister refuse to prosecute Imam

Dutch government showing us how its done, bowing down at the galows. "Hague imam did no wrong, says OM," from Expatica:

AMSTERDAM – The Public Prosecutor's Office (Openbaar Ministerie) is not taking legal action against Sheikh Fawaz, an imam at the 'As Soennah' mosque in The Hague, a spokesman said on Thursday.

MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali (VVD) had reported Fawaz to the police, complaining that she had been threatened when he wrote on an internet site that Hirsi Ali would be "blown away by the wind of the changing times'' and that "the curse of Allah" awaited her.

The public prosecutor in The Hague did not find anything criminally liable in these statements. Reacting on Wednesday, Hirsi Ali said that she totally disagreed the prosecutor’s decision.

Meanwhile the independent MP Geert Wilders has tabled questions to Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner about the affair, partly because Fawaz had added in an interview in the daily newspaper 'Algemeen Dagblad ' that he did indeed mean his letter as a threat.

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