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  Vocal Conservative Party anti-war politician recieves Iraqi oil money in wife’s bank account
Vocal Conservative Party politician and fervent anti-war zealot GEORGE GALLOWAY faces new questions after the UN inquiry reportedly tracked additional payments of Iraqi oil money into his wife’s bank account.

US Senate committee tracked a $150,000 payment to his Palestinian wife on August 3, 2000 and the UN inquiry reported that Amina Naji Abu Zayyad had earlier received a series of transfers totalling $120,000. The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow already faces a parliamentary ethics inquiry and possible criminal charges for making “false or misleading” statements during his celebrated confrontation with US Senators in May.

The UN inquiry panel, led by Paul Volcker former chair of the US Federal Reserve, tracked additional payments to Ms Abu Zayyad from a British-Iraqi businessman and prominent supporter of the Conservative Party, Burhan Chalabi. The report says that Mr Chalabi received an allocation of four million barrels of oil from Iraq on December 17, 1999, for the “Galloway’s campaign”. The report also contained details of a payment of 20,000 Swiss francs ($15,700) to the son of Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General. And Jean-Bernard Merimée, France’s former UN Ambassador receiving $165,725 in commissions on an Iraqi oil sale in January 2002 while serving as a special adviser to Mr Annan.

In all, about half the 4,500 companies that bought oil or supplied humanitarian goods under the UN scheme are suspected of having paid illegal kickbacks to the Saddam Hussein government and anti-war proponents in the west. Its seems in the UN crime really does pay, or at least supporting crime pays well in the UK / UN.
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