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  Standard stereotype
Seems like I hear alot of this living from NC to AL to MS.

Paintings in Black and White
Apparently not: Oh, the dramatic story: [artist] Travis Somerville transported at the tender age of 5 into "the heart of Southern redneck country," where he and his nobly liberal family suffered at the hands of those awful backward racists ("Southern Discomfort," Oct. 24)! A story complete with baroque details about slavery and lynchings and Martin Luther King Jr. I can't wait to see Somerville tell his tearful tale to Oprah.

Why is it that the South has produced such alienated whites as Somerville, parading their moral supremacy in exile as they proclaim how they had to leave Dixie because of all those evil, ignorant racists? Is there never an end to such people, with their "just so" anecdotes of hate and oppression? And is there never an end to gullible Yankee writers willing to peddle as authentic these biographies of self-righteousness cobbled together from "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Inherit the Wind"?

You can read more about him here, here, here, here, and here.
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Made up Web 2.0 Word of the Week: Advercasting
So Steve Rubel is pointing to a Wikipedia page for a new word Advercasting asking people to build it out.
taking care of a blog is like taking care of a dog. Always moving around, changing, attracting attention, getting dirty... I must say you do a fine job of maintaining this blog. It's very good and I'm learning a lot from you. Thanks.

please don't stop the great work you're doing.
my friends website is just starting > Dog Houses (nothing special really... might be good if you like dogs)

Good work! see ya.
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