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  Queer Captain Obvious
Gay activists are up in arms over reports that director Oliver Stone has removed scenes in the DVD version of Alexander in which the title character appears to have a homosexual relationship. Gay activists say Oliver Stone sold out

Oliver Stone's Alexander, which took a beating from audiences and critics, has undergone a major reedit for its DVD release the Los Angeles Times observed today (Tuesday). "I'm not running away from the original, which I loved, but the derision was really devastating," Stone told the newspaper.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph said that in an interview Stone admitted "(Alexander) didn't tell the story of 'Alexander the Great' ... (it) was too focused on outing the ancient Greek hero."

"Fortunately, films are now like paintings, permitting for several drafts." He added: "Directors don't get paid for working on DVDs, for us, it's a matter of pride."(and a cut of the dvd sales)

He sure felt the need to attack everyone else for his failure:

"It's the end of movie, movies the way we know them. ... If you walk into a room with 5,000 DVDs, how are you going to respect movies? How do you know the good ones?," Stone asked. "It's going to the LCD -- the lowest common denominator. It's making movies into supermarket shelf items, which is probably the best you can get at Wal-Mart. ... It's hopeless."

So he's gotta drum up those dvd sales I guess? And we all know that the entire number of dvd titles sold in America in 5,000. I guess he's figured out he's making movies to make money, not liberal propaganda films. I can only assume his next film, to promote repression and restricted freedom in support of a Stalinist state, isn't going so well. Get that bottom line in shape before you strikes out on any more leftwing causes. Hopless is what you are when you think all your leftwing, socialist 'pet projects' will resound with the entirety of America.
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