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  Nobel 'Joke' Prize
Last year it was Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian pornographer and anti-American fantasist. This year it is Harold Pinter. "The Nobel Prize for Literature." Right. I mean Left. What is with the Swedes? Günter Grass (1999), José Saramago (1998), and Dario Fo (1997): have they ever encountered a Communist or anti-American scribbler they don't adore? Mark Steyn once defined the "Pinteresque" as "a pause followed by a non sequitur." That's good, as far as it goes, but it is important to note that with Pinter the "sequitur" is always trailing in one direction: leftward. Consider Pinter's acceptance speech on the occasion of being given an honorary degree from the University of Turin a couple of years ago. Referring to the terrorist attacks of Septmber 11, Pinter had this to say:
The atrocity in New York was predictable and inevitable. It was an act of retaliation against constant and systematic manifestations of state terrorism on the part of the United States over many years, in all parts of the world.

The Nobel Prize committee long ago demonstrated that its prizes for the arts were exercises in politically correct sermonizing. By choosing Harold Pinter, they have demonstrated that their sermons are ridiculous as well as repellent.

Evidently the Guardian could find only two people opposed to awarding Harold Pinter the Nobel Prize for Literature. The good news is that they are Christopher Hitchens and Roger Kimball:
Christopher Hitchens The award to someone who gave up literature for politics decades ago, and whose politics are primitive and hysterically anti-American and pro-dictatorial, is part of the almost complete degradation of the Nobel racket.

Roger Kimball, editor of the American magazine The New CriterionThe Nobel committee has for some time demonstrated that its prizes are ridiculous but the award going to Harold Pinter is not only ridiculous but repellent. His anti-American rantings have been saved from being merely outrageous by their insanity. He can't take any public platform without a mad raving about the evils of the American empire - although he can't make up his mind if George Bush is a moron or a mad genius. The essence of Pinter's drama is adolescent Samuel Beckett - it's warmed-over and second-hand.
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