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Howard Dean thinks the Bush White House is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history since President Warren G. Harding's. Nice to think that a resigned pres(Nixon) and an impeached pres(Clinton) were less corrupt some-how. And lets not even think about Iran-Contra.

I like the jab for socialized healthcare. Apparently in Vermont they don't pay attention to the likes of Canada or EU in their failed socialized health care. Apparently 50%+ income tax is just his modus operandi.

"If 40 industrial nations can do it and balance the budget at the same time, it's time to have somebody in the White House who can chew gum and think at the same time"

Somehow one's related to the other, I'm just not sure how gum chewing and socialist failures are the same(insert Clinton jab here).
"40 industrial nations" whose governments are? Socialist? Communist? Monarcy? Natural resource rich? According to here 103 of UN Member nations are not "free". Comparing apples to pomegranates just doen't cut it homes. At least he wasn'r screaming this time.
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