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  Murderous Muslim Regimes at it again
A United Nations investigation headed by German prosecutor Detlev Mehlis has identified political and military leaders as suspects in the Hariri assassination.

"The UN could end up declaring leading members of the Syrian and Lebanese governments as criminals sought for prosecution," a diplomat said.

Based on testimony from 400 Lebanese and Syrians, the report said Hariri was threatened by Syrian President Bashar Assad in late 2004. The report said Assad was angered over Hariri's opposition to a constitutional amendment that would grant Lahoud another term in office. "If you think that President Chirac and you are going to run Lebanon, you are mistaken," the report quoted Assad as telling Hariri. "It is not going to happen. President Lahoud is me. Whatever I tell him, he follows suit. This extension [of Lahoud's term] is to happen or else I will break Lebanon over your head and [Druse leader] Walid Jumblat's. So, you either do as you are told or we will get you and your family wherever you are."

I guess I'm glad they kept their international terrorism confined to Muslim contries, but never the less it go to show the illegitimately of yet another terrorist government.

update.. Of course they're denying it all..
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