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  Iran Film Ban Attempts to Curtail Freedoms
In a show of "if you can't change the world, change those under your boot's view of it"

Banned:secularists, liberals, anarchists, feminists, liquor drinkers, God denyers, drug takers

The Supreme Cultural Revolutionary Council said the banned films "damage and humiliate eastern traditions and culture" and promote "arrogant powers," a propaganda term Iran's government uses to describe the United States. The ban is designed to wipe out what clerics call "corrupt Western culture." The move follows on the Iranian President's campaign to promote Islamic culture and confront what he called the Western cultural invasion. The clerical council has not said what a film must contain to be ruled as promoting secularism or liberalism, meaning decisions will be made on an ad hoc basis. It was said terms of the ban were so vague that they can apply to any Western film. "This new ban appears to be part of a campaign to push Iran back to the 1980s and to impose the same restrictions that were only just eased under Khatami."

"If Westerners were to treat us the same way, we also would not be able to reach them through film with our messages and way of thinking."

Right. If westerners were to treat us the same way, we would be violating our very foundation. Ours isn't the culture rejecting the world. I would expect this of all muslim nations. If not unlike what is done in Saudi allready.
OpenOffice is bloatware row
A ZDNET hack is in a bit of trouble with the Open Sauce community after he claimed that Open Office is a memory and resource hog.
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