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  Former Political Asylum Seeker To Be Charged For Threating To Bomb Gateway Arch
From the Belleville News-Democrat.

A Kenyan immigrant who claimed to be a member of the terrorist group Al Qaida faces federal charges after federal agents say he threatened to bomb the Gateway Arch. Akumu, 18, was arraigned Tuesday in federal court on charges of threatening use of weapons of mass destruction and threatening use of a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. property. Akumu told police he placed two bombs, each the size of a cell phone, at the Adam's Mark Hotel in St. Louis, where he had been staying, and that he was sent here "to bring weapons to people to use in blowing up the Arch," the indictment stated. Akumu also told agents he delivered four bombs to unidentified persons to blow up the Arch.

Akumu, who received political asylum when he came to the U.S. in 1999, later told agents he made the whole thing up to speed his deportation to Kenya....
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